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RIS works with individuals and institutions that are tasked with making policy and implementation decisions that incorporate environmental, societal and/or ethical factors. It can be a mandate assigned by a governing body or a client, or motivated by the interests and commitments of a family or a mission-driven organization. What is held in common is the need to integrate what are still considered non-traditional and often values-driven considerations into investment decisionmaking, measurement and reporting.

We consider Asset Owners to be those clients who have ultimate and final ownership of and benefit from pools of assets where ESG, impact and other considerations are on the table. There may or may not be a fiduciary component, and an Asset Owner can be an individual, a family, a trust, a charitable entity, a partnership, or a corporation.

Asset Managers are those to whom Asset Owners and their trusted advisors turn for professional management of these asset pools. Asset Managers include investment advisory firms, broker/dealers, banks, trust companies, funds and fund sponsors, and insurance companies.

We group trusted advisors into our Advisors and Consultants category of clients. These are the individuals and companies who are retained and compensated for providing professional advice, guidance and often implementation to Asset Owners, in many cases with a degree of fiduciary responsibility attached. Advisors and Consultants include RIAs and IARs, registered representatives, investment consulting practices, retirement plan administrators, wealth management platforms, TAMPs, financial planners, attorneys and accountants.

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