Asset Managers

Regenerative Investment Strategies (RIS) assists asset managers seeking to participate in the rapidly expanding sustainable and impact investing space with go-to-market strategies as well as in-depth assessments at the strategy, platform or firm level of ESG due-diligence readiness. The notion of sustainability is that businesses and infrastructure investments can be part of a virtuous circle with a wide range of stakeholders from owners to employees to suppliers to customers to the communities that surround them. There should not have to be losers in order to have winners in a capitalist system. Sustainable enterprises can create products and services profitably, but also efficiently and with respect for human and natural capital. This is where we find our name – “Regenerative Investment Strategies“. Investing in enterprises that understand that perpetuating the resources on which they draw and the markets in which they operate should perpetuate earnings and growth and the interests of all stakeholders in the long term.

The Service

In addition to two decades studying, participating in and building products for the sustainable investing marketplace, our Founder and CEO, Mark Sloss, served in the critical role of a senior level gatekeeper for a major wealth management firm and product development manager for a large asset manager. He has brought this experience and insight into RIS’ engagement process to partner with asset management firms seeking to participate in the growing ESG/impact market in a credible, scalable and durable way. This engagement approach covers market and opportunity analysis, product and process design, go-to-market strategies and due diligence and even regulatory preparedness to reach financial advisors, consultants, and asset owners.

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