Advisors and Consultants

Markets have never been more complex and professional advice has never been more important. ESG and impact are becoming table stakes for many asset owners, adding an additional dimension of complexity to already fraught discussions around active vs. passive management, the role of alternative investments, and market structure and liquidity.

Considerations of economic and non-economic returns replace the traditional framework of gearing investment guidance around just asset allocation, instrument selection, and price. Societal, ethical and environmental concerns, mission alignment, engagement and advocacy, and impact measurement have become parts of the mandate investment advisors and consultants need to address in their services.

RIS is available to work as a collaborate resource for advisors and consultants assisting clients who are beginning or refining their sustainability journeys. From shepherding intergenerational conversations in the family office to brokering discussion and debate between foundation boards and their investment committees, an independent and expert voice can be the essential utility to advance the dialogue and identify a way forward.

Explore our service for Asset Owners to understand how we engage with investors. Components or all of our five-step process are available to deliver on a collaborative basis with engaged advisors or consultants seeking to strengthen and evolve their client relationships to be inclusive of ESG and impact considerations.