Asset Owners

We understand ownership to mean more than just possessing or having authority over wealth. It is also a mentality – appreciating that investing that wealth comes with possibilities and responsibilities. Invested wealth can have meaning and can have impact, and aware investors embrace the role of owner of the outcomes of their investments. Our asset owners are principally individuals, families and family offices, foundations and endowments with a sense of purpose that extends to their investments.

RIS employ’s a simple five-step process to help start or accelerate an asset owner’s journey toward a more sustainable and impactful policy and portfolio. At the discretion of the asset owner, we follow this process either discretely or hand-in-hand with the professional advisors and consultants who serve as investment counselors and stewards.

We begin with a plain-spoken conversation about what the central purpose or mission of the stakeholders is in non-investment terms. Everything else flows from the ability to be able to agree upon, memorialize and communicate what guides decisionmaking.

Certain Principles are essential; others are contingent, and the rest nice to have. It is rarely possible to adhere to every principle at the highest level all the time. We assist in understanding the dependencies and articulating them to make translation into policy possible.

Setting policy is about putting forth goals and establishing accountability. We shepherd a dialogue from which a sustainable policy emerges from the Principles and Priorities that is rational and implementable, and the outcomes measurable and repeatable.

The process to this point is focused on setting parameters for implementation and success. A sense of purpose is nothing more than an ideal until it is expressed in a portfolio of investments. RIS assists in the translation of the Policy into the framework for a Portfolio. We do this by helping the asset owner to view the landscape of available modes of investment that are compatible with the stated Principles, Priorities and Policy.

Are the outcomes purposeful and aligned with the asset owner’s Principles and Priorites? How material are those outcomes? Are they quantifiable and comparable across investments and over time? We work with asset owners to define a systematic approach to measuring Performance on a number of metrics, and assist in identifying expert resources in the marketplace that can provide measurement and reporting keyed to the asset owner’s Policy.

*All advisory activities which would be covered by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 are provided through Wilde Capital Management, LLC.