Men behaving badly

The disrespect, diminishment and abuse of women in the workplace is cultural. In a corporate environment culture starts at the top. It slowly seems to be getting rooted out of certain industries, but in others, like tech, private finance and entertainment, it is still endemic. We need to have the pay parity conversation, but that should not be a substitute for or a higher priority than human decency.

From an ESG perspective this is every stakeholder’s responsibility regardless of role, gender, political or religious affiliation. The first step is to stop being apologists. Then it is time to effect change. And, from an investor’s point of view, this should not only become a priority when it hurts a business’ value. Changing a culture of discrimination and abuse of any sort is always a priority. Do it because it is the right thing and bank a little psychic alpha as compensation. The economic returns will take care of themselves.

The New York Times presented two op-ed’s from women at the opposite ends of the political spectrum that, no surprise, arrive in the same place. NYT is behind a paywall, but if you are not a subscriber, it is still worth spending two of your ten freebies for the month on this editorial by Lena Dunham and this editorial by Gretchen Carlson.